To celebrate Science Week, two secondary class with their Science teachers set up a STEM Expo for all Noble Park campus students to participate. The exhibits on the day included…

  • a Scratch Bubble Game programmed by a secondary student
  • making popcorn
  • internal organs (from a lamb)
  • transport tissue in plants
  • electromagnets
  • germination (stages of a plant)
  • motion and movement in cars and balls
  • mixture of colours
  • how water travels
  • terrarium
  • mini volcano
  • Mindstorms robot
  • Snap Circuit – car
  • Snap Circuit – alternative energy
  • magnetic robot
  • telescope
  • specimens of different insects
  • Praxioscope
  • the five senses box

The two secondary classes did some fantastic explanations of their projects and showed the other students different aspects of science. Our students learnt a lot from these demonstrations. Thank you to these classes and their teachers for working so hard in putting on such an amazing expo.