Dear Parents and Guardians,

Remote teaching and learning programs are in place for term 2, 2020. On site learning is available for eligible students including students who cannot be looked at home as parents/ guardians are working and there is no one to look after the student during school time. The program will be the same for students learning remotely and on site. Please find attached an application if there is no one at home to supervise your child on any day next week. Please contact the school on 03 9546 9578 if you wish to seek an application for any day next week. You can submit the application online at

We are distributing devices (ipads and notebooks) to students who do not have access to one at home. We are trying to distribute these as quickly as possible.

Parents and guardians are being contacted and given a time to collect the device. If students have not yet been provided with a device they will receive a hard pack of learning materials for the week until they receive a device.

Please make sure that your child is engaging with the work provided by the teacher each day. Teachers will also be contacting your child and you may see a blocked phone number. Please respond as teachers will be contacting students during school times and have blocked their phone number for security reasons. Students should be up and ready commence with school work each day at the usual time school commences.

Students are required to complete literacy, maths and physical education activities each week. Science has also been timetabled for secondary students.

Teachers will assess students each week by discussing and reviewing students’ work each week and providing students with feedback.

If you have any questions or concerns please ring the school on
03 9546 9578

On Site Attendance Form NPELS